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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make Your RV's Entry Steps Safer

rv entry stepHow many times have you come back to your trailer or RV after a long day taking in the sights only to trip on your own RV entry steps? These steps are often made from black metal and can be difficult to see in a dark campground. Instead of putting your safety at risk every time you go in and out of the RV, consider these tips to make your steps safer for everyone.
Glow in the Dark Step Tread
The best way to fight against tripping over your own steps in the dark is with glow in the dark step tread. This tread securely adheres to your existing steps and contains a strip that collects light energy during the day, transforming it into a glowing strip when it's dark so you can always see where your steps are and reduce the risk of injuries in the dark.
Anti-Slip Strips
Another common problem many RVers experience is slippery steps. Sand can build up on the steps or they can become wet and slick if the conditions are right. Adding rough textured anti-slip strips can offer the traction you require to safely move up and down your steps, regardless of the conditions outside.
Step Stabilizer
As your RV gets older, the RV entry steps may become unstable, which can pose a greater risk of falls and injuries. If your trailer or RV steps move easily as you get in and out of your camper, it may be time to consider a step stabilizer. This stabilizer jack works in much the same way as the jacks located in the four corners of your trailer to keep it steady while you walk around inside. It gives your steps the stability you need to stay safe and secure.
Getting in and out of your RV should be a relatively safe process, just like walking in and out of your own home. However, camping can add some level of risk due to frequent coming and going after dark, wet surfaces, sand and other debris, and even unstable steps. Thankfully, a number of products can make your rv entry steps safer, allowing you to decrease the risk of injury while you are trying to enjoy yourself on your vacation.
If you are looking for these or other items, contact us. We carry all the products you need to make your RV experience safe and fun!

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