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Thursday, March 20, 2014

EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape

Roof seams on your RV need routine maintenance to prevent leaks and other types of damage. Using a sealant tape such as EternaBond RoofSeal will save you time and effort, as well as prevent costly repairs. RoofSeal tape is made to provide a simple solution to roof repair and is useful as a type of preventative maintenance. It is ideal for RV roof repair to due to the fact that it is UV stable, so it can last in areas that receive a lot of sun.

EternaBond RoofSeal uses MicroSealant Technology in the adhesive. MicroSealants are able to fuse with many different types of materials under varying conditions. The bond created by the MicroSealant adhesive is waterproof and air tight, staying strong even under adverse weather conditions. EternaBond RoofSeal in particular is also extremely flexible, due to its very high elongation factor. This allows it to easily adapt to surrounding conditions as they change. It also features simple installation, so applying it can be a less time consuming process. It is recommended that some minor surface prep be done beforehand, to make sure the surface is clean and dry before laying down the tape.

EternaBond RoofSeal is available in four different colors to best match your motorhome, including black, white, tan and gray. It comes in varying widths to fit the size of the repair job. Applying RoofSeal to your RV will save you from having to check roof seams for leaks every year, as it creates a seal that is permanent. It will not only come in handy for RV roofing, but for other roofs and repair jobs as well.

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