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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Folding Tables and End Tables Add Style and Function to Your RV

Creating a look for the interior of your RV can add the style and comfort that you would find at home. Even if interior decorating is not one of your strengths, it can be quite easy to incorporate a touch of elegance or personality to your motorhome. One way to do that is to include small furniture accessories, such as end tables or folding tables. There are several options available that can meet your needs of functionality as well as the size of your space.
The Table Server ChairSide end tables will work in your home and your RV. They are portable, so they can be moved to wherever extra space is needed, including bedrooms, living areas or kitchen areas. They are available in different styles and wood finishes, such as mahogany or oak. The two cup holders can hold drinks as well as wine bottles and the small size ensures that they will not take up much room. The cup holders can also store other items that you wish to keep within reach.
Table Server also has a collapsible end table, with legs that fold inward as well as a removable top and lower shelf. This table also features drink/bottle holders and is made from acacia wood. Its ability to fold down makes it easy to store when not in use. Once assembled, it appears to be just like any other end table, and can even be used outside. The Table Server end tables work well not only for RVs but also in your own home.  
For a more casual approach when camping or entertaining outside, the Adjustable Folding Table from Prime Products makes an ideal solution. While being collapsible for easy storage, the height of the table can be set to a sitting or standing height. It also features beverage holders to keep drinks in place. The top is covered with durable polyester fabric, so it can stand up to different uses. 
Other types of end tables and folding tables are available to fit your style and needs, including tables for both indoor and outdoor use. They are a simple way to upgrade the appearance of your RV interior or bring some of the indoors to an outside area.

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