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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Winegard Rayzar Air HD TV Antenna Increases Channel Coverage

There are other options for receiving TV signals when you are away from home besides using satellite TV. Satellite TV, while convenient, can sometimes be a costly investment. It can also be impractical if it is not used often. Another way it is possible to get TV signals is through the use of the Winegard Rayzar Air HD TV Antenna. The Rayzar Air can get reception from UHF signals using both the front and back of the antenna head, increasing its channel coverage ability. You can also receive high band VHF as well as HD channels through this device.

The Rayzar Air is made to be switched out with your existing antenna. It permanently installs on the roof of your motorhome, and is made to stand up to strong sun and other weather conditions. This antenna can work with but digital and analog TV sets, however a digital converter box must be used with an analog TV. When not in use the antenna can be lowered to lay flat, parallel to the roof. When raised, it reaches over 26" in height. It has a slim design, with the antenna head being less than 1" thick.

It is important that the antenna be placed in the right location on your RV's roof for optimum performance. If you are unsure where to place it, it is best to check with an RV dealer or your manufacturer. Besides being raised or lowered, the antenna can also be adjusted in the direction that allows for the best reception. Please note that the antenna is not made for use while the RV is in motion or in particularly high winds (70mph).

The Winegard Rayzar Air can prove to be a cost effective to solution to receiving TV channels, and provides an alternative to satellite TV.

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