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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thetford RV Wash & Wax Cleans Dirt Without Harming the Surface

Cleaning your RV exterior can sometimes be a hassle, especially if there tough stains on the surface. In the summer when your RV is typically used more often, it can be easy to put it off. You may also wish to avoid harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the surface or harm the environment. Thetford's RV Wash & Wax takes all those points into consideration, with a cleaning solution that works well on dirt without being too harsh on surfaces.
The Thetford RV Wash & Wax can be used whenever your RV needs a cleaning, whether it's from the dirt picked up on a long road trip, or exposure to the elements. Working on more than just dirt, it can also remove bug splatters, streaking and filmy grime. The cleaning solution includes a waxing element, adding a protective layer to your RV's surface. This also saves you a step, making the whole cleaning process go a little faster. It works on several different types of surfaces, and there is no need to worry about it harming any stickers, coloring or decals that may be on your vehicle.
The Wash & Wax works not only on RVs, but can be used for other vehicles, such as trucks and vans as well. It is available in a couple different sizes, as well as the new single use 6 pack. The cleaning solution meets the Design for the Environment standards set by the EPA. This indicates the chemicals used are tested to be safe and will not bring additional harm to the environment.

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