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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adco Designer Aquashed RV Covers provide protection in moderate climates

Adco Designer Aquashed RV Cover
Keeping your RV covered while it is in storage helps to keep your vehicle from collecting dust and dirt while it is not in use. It also reduces the risk of becoming susceptible to scratches on the finish. Covering your RV is a good idea whenever it goes through a prolonged period without being used, particularly during the winter months. Different covers feature materials made for different uses, however, depending on the type of environment and the length of time the RV will stay covered. The Designer series of Aquashed covers from Adco provides a suitable solution for short term storage in moderate climates.
The Aquashed covers work well for areas with moist air and less extreme temperatures that do not receive a high amount of sun. The side panels are triple layered to block out the sun and rain. They also feature ventilation to prevent moisture from collecting inside, keeping mold and mildew from growing. The SFS AquaShed material is also triple layered and used on the top of the cover, while the sides are made from polypropylene. Other features include weighted straps and buckles that keep the wind from blowing the cover off, and zippered panels on the sides to allow you inside access to your RV while in storage.
These covers are available in various lengths for both Class A and Class C RVs. As part of the Designer series, they feature a two-tone design to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. When measuring the length, be sure to include the spare tire and the ladder.

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