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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Add almost any light fixture to your RV with Gustafson Interior Lights

The same types of interior design elements that you use in your home can be brought over for your RV as well. This can include the styles of fabrics and fixtures, as well as the colors used in the space. One such element is the use of lighting, as it can be used beyond a utilitarian function to simply make the space brighter. The style of the light fixtures, along with where you use them, can add to the overall atmosphere of your RV interior. The line of interior lights from Gustafson includes lamps to fit almost any application.
Antique Brass Lights

Ceiling lights are used to brighten a wide area, but there's no need to just settle for a basic light. This Antique Brass Ceiling Light creates a touch of elegance with its crystal shade and metal finish. Antique brass gives you a vintage look while still having modern convenience. Often times you will want to use fixtures in a similar style to create a coherent theme and tie things together. This is especially true in an RV interior when there is not a lot of separation in the interior spaces. To that end, the Gustafson Antique Brass Wall Light goes beautifully with the ceiling light. It brings in familiar design elements without being an exact copy of the ceiling light. Wall lights, also referred to as wall sconces, are perfect anywhere you need more illumination. Using two on either side of a feature can help draw attention to that feature as well as present a balanced appearance.
Satin Nickel Cosmetic Light
For a more modern taste, Gustafson has Satin Nickel, or Brushed Nickel, Cosmetic Lights. It comes in a strip of 3 bulbs and the lens is acrylic, with a white marble finish. Cosmetic lights are also called vanity lights, and provide the brightness you need in areas such as bathrooms. It's sleek design works well with a contemporary space, and gives you a more finished look than a bare bulb fixture.
The selection of lights available from Gustafson make it easy to go beyond a plain interior lighting fixture. It also gives you the ability to create a space inside your RV that fits your styles and tastes.  

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