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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Different Ways to Cook on an Open Fire

We all know that one of the best things about camping is being able to cook over an open flame. Many people opt to go the traditional hot dog and hamburger route. However, there are times when the ordinary camping fare just won’t do. On those occasions, you may want to reach for a Cast Iron Skillet. It’s a great camping accessory to have around for that very reason.
The Rome Campfire Skillet is crafted out of cast iron with a wooden handle, it is 39" long, so you don't have to get to close to the fire and has a 6" diameter surface for cooking. The great thing about it is that the cast iron head does not require seasoning. Nonetheless, you may want to brush the pan with oil before using. Doing so will help to keep eggs, pancakes and sandwiches from sticking to the cast iron plate. Just make sure that the oil you are using has a high smoke point. Otherwise, you may inadvertently end up infusing an unpalatable smoke flavor into your meal. Oils that tend to have smoke points above 350 degrees Fahrenheit are refined canola, safflower, soy and sunflower.
If you are in an area with limited access to water, you may want to brush a piece of aluminum foil with oil and wrap it around the food instead. Then place the foil wrap into the skillet or cook it on a campfire grill. That way, it will require very little cleaning, if any.
There are several camping accessories that would pair well with the Rome Skillet, they are the Picnic Time Asiago Folding Cutting Board and the Rome Round Camp Ring Grill. The folding cutting board comes outfitted with stainless steel tools, making it simple to prepare one’s sandwich toppings. The camp grill ring, on the other hand, can help to keep your skillet level during the cooking process or give you another option to cook your food. 
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