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Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Tips for Camping with Four-Legged Pals

Aah the freedom of traveling the open road! It’s always been enticing to humans and animals alike. Hence it’s no wonder that many Americans choose to go camping with their dogs. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best hopes, not every RV road trip with Fido turns out well. Most of the time, the reason behind the sour turn is a lack of planning. So here are a few quick tips for avoiding major pet camping mishaps:
Always start by doing a lot of pre-planning and packing. Just like other members of the family, dogs will need their own camping supplies. Thus, it’s best to invest in items like a spill proof water dish, sensor equipped food dishes, pet fresheners and portable food bowls for impromptu day hikes. There are many pet accessories that can make camping with your four-legged pal easier.
It is also a sound idea to review and copy your pet’s health records. Make sure that Fido has all of his shots and place a copy inside of your RV along with a doggy first aid kit. That way, you’ll be ready to present the records to the campground’s owners and anyone else that may need to verify that Fido’s vaccinations are up to date.
Speaking of campground owners, we’d recommend that you save yourself major aggravation and disappointment by contacting them well in advance of your trip. Ask what their facility’s pet regulations are and whether or not special permits are needed to visit popular, area attractions. After all, there are some camping destinations (i.e. beaches) that require pet owners to apply for special permits or outfit dogs with specific accessories (i.e. retractable leash).
We can help provide you with the pet accessories needed to make your next family camping trip great. If you have any question about our products, please contact us.

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