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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Buying a BedSaver Can Save you Time and Money

Whether you are a beginner when it comes to towing a fifth wheel trailer or you are a pro, one product that can be very important is a Blue Ox BedSaver. A BedSaver can reduce the amount of frustration you will have on your road trips by saving you money by preventing damages to your truck and time by you not having to spend your vacation at a repair shop.

How does a BedSaver work?
When hitching a fifth wheel to your truck there a many things that you want to double check to make sure that they were properly hooked up, but the most important is the dreaded king pin. You want to make sure that this is locked in, if not the king pin may become detached and SLAM, your fifth wheeler is now sitting in the bed of your truck. Not to mention the damages that it probably just caused to your truck-bed or the trailer. This is where a bed saver would have come in handy. Having a Blue Ox BedSaver installed, if this happens, the bed saver will catch the king pin in a uniquely designed channel and will keep the trailer from dropping onto your truck bed. In the end saving you from frustration and possible embarrassment.
Blue Ox Bed Savers are available for all types of hitches and will spare you the trouble of bed, trailer and even potential bodily harm. They are a valuable tool for anyone hauling precious cargo in a trailer.
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