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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Day In Bourne Texas

Day 7 - Tuesday: We where pretty slow to get up today, all I had on my mind was to was the RV.  We had run through a bunch of rain heading into Memphis and I was dyeing to get it clean again.  I definitely got that bug from my father, he is a boater and spit shines that thing just about every day.  I had installed the smaller CR Spotless deionizing system in one of my storage bays in the spring.  I then found a small hand held pressure washer online and now I could clean up the rig anywhere we went.
The system works great, since the deionizer removes any spots that tap water would leave behind, but I had trouble with the pressure washer not turning off when the sprayer trigger was released.  I need to return it and get it replaced, but I do love how much pressure the unit puts out and how easy it is to move around with you.

I was starving by this point and we decided to hit the Dog and Pony restaurant that is just up the road.  We noticed that the Bourne restaurants seemed to do away with the wait staff and you order and pick up your own food.   We each got a different burger, and they where all really good, Case had the veggie burger and he said it was the best he had ever had, I had their signiture cheddar burger and it was really good.  Michelle went for the habanero burger and suffered the consequences of that descision. She kept asking if her lips where red, because they felt like they where on fire.  I tasted just a pickle with a little habanero juice on it and that was enough for me.  I would recommend the place for lunch or a light dinner.  Afterwards we walked around downtown and checked out a few shops, I am not a bigger shopper so it wasn't long before Michelle gave up and we headed back to the camper.

We decided to do a bit of laundry and just chill out for the afternoon, I had been lacking in my puppy walking duties so I circled the park a few times.  It still wasn't enough for Cali though.  Later that evening we went to dinner with Joe & Shelly and gave the Hungry Horse a try.  They give you huge portions so beware!  Be a pony and not a horse and you will most likely still head home with left overs.  I had the grilled catfish and it was really good, a few others had the chicken fried chicken and Chas had the Catfish Po Boy sandwich.  He misunderstood and ordered the regular size and had enough catfish left over for 3 more nights dinners.  We hit Walmart for a few odds & ends and called it a night.


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