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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Drive Across The Worlds Longest Bridge

Day 12 - Sunday:  Today we had a short run of just 50 miles to Fontainebleau State Park across Lake
Bayou Signette Campsite
Pontchartrain and on the longest bridge in the world.   Since check in wasn't until after 2 we could move a little slower and take our time getting ready to pull out.  This gave me a chance to get the bike down off the carrier and do a small ride.  One of the levees runs through the park and they had added a concrete section along with a new pumping station for added security.  I concrete gave me the perfect place to ride along the levee which extended about a mile until it ended and returned to dirt.  About that time my father returned my phone call from earlier and I wished him a happy fathers day.  We exchanged a bit of info on our trips to New Orleans and wished each other a great day.  I continued my ride down to a small boat launch and found a local man fishing, and asked what he was fishing for, "anything that will bit".  He had caught some kind of gator fish he said last week (maybe a Gar), crab, a red fish, turtle and an occasional catfish.  I finished my ride around the park and packed up the bike.

We got rolling around 1 p.m. winding our way through the city to get on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge and travel it's 24 miles to the other side.  The strange thing about driving on the bridge is that you loose that perspective of land rushing by you and only see water which is moving in all different directions.  It also takes a few minutes getting adjusted to only seeing water which offers no horizon.  We set the cruise on 60 and in 24 minutes we can now say we traveled on the longest bridge in the world.

Michelle under a live oak
Fountaineblue campground is really nice although some of the campsite can be pretty narrow.  Our site was good size, but to the right of us our neighbors had very little room beyond their awning.  There is one issue "wild boars!"  they root up the ground near every culvert and low lying area in the park.  We thought at first this might have been from Armadillos, but then you see the tracks and then you see them.  As soon as they see you they run, although they did not even flinch when a car got close to them.  After we got setup, took the dogs for a walk we head out to grab a late lunch early dinner.  All of the local places we took a stab at where closed so we settle on a Chili's and had an o.k. linner. (lunch/dinner)  Afterwards we took a walk down to a grove of massive live oak trees and had a look at the beach on Lake Pontchartrain.  We sat out and chatted with Joe & Shelly for as long as we could stand the mosquitos and headed in around 9.


Lake Pontchartrain

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