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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mammoth Cave

Day 2: Today we took the short drive from the campground to Mammoth Cave passing Dinosaur
World, and various other tourist traps.  We have visited a lot of caves & caverns over the years, a couple of small caves in Put-in-Bay, Oh, Hocking Hills, Oh, a number in Pa, Luray Cavern in Virginia and a few others that I can't even remember.  We are not cave experts nor do we particularly like caving, but it just seems like the thing to do in certain areas.  We decided to take the Historic tour which is a 2 hour 2 mile walk through the oldest part of the cave. We had a little time before the tour started so we checked out the cave museum which is super informative.  When they named the cave Mammouth they made a wise choice.  Mammoth cave is the longest in the world with over 400 miles of passage ways discovered to date.

Our ranger tour guide was super informative although his warnings about the tour would have made you think you would be spelunking the whole cave. The cave is awesome! It's tunnels in the main section are enormous and the 2 hours goes by pretty quick. The first section is easy walking to mammoth dome and where they use to pull out a product for making un powder. Then on to fat man's misery, tall man's misery and bottomless pit. I highly recommend making a visit, you won't be disappointed.

Afterwards we headed back and decided to have an early dinner. I was up for Cracker Barrel again,
but Michelle had read that the Watermill Restaurant had amazing catfish. Reading reviews that the decor was less than appealing, we knew what to expect and took a chance. I think they expect you to have the buffet and a quick look around the place confirmed it's pretty run down. I will admit I love a good buffet, but this one was not that good. I would give Golden Corral a 10 over this place. I think everything is cooked in a more southern style, so maybe the locals find the food much more palatable than I did.

Afterwards we went back to the RV, walked the dogs and then I took a bike ride into the historic portion of Cave City where they have a number of antique stores. Actually, the town has more antique stores than any other type of store. I checked my phone and found a Walmart about 6 miles away so we made a quick trip for a few odds and ends that we had forgotten. To be honest I am ready to head to our next location (Montgomery Bell State Park) and a more rural campground.

Till Tomorrow

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