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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 RV Trip

Day1:  Today was an 8 hour run down to Cave City, Ky and a 2 night stay at Cave Country RV Campground.  This morning I fired up the RV at about 8 a.m. and right off the bat there was a check engine light staring me right in the eyes.  I quickly checked my ScanGuage and found that it was a code that had come up last year.  Knowing it was not to severe I was not that worried although with any check engine light the engine would be derated in horsepower.  I figured I would run to the first rest stop, shut the engine down and that usually will clear the code.   At the same time I am thinking through my check engine light I have the Doran 360RV tire pressure monitor sounding off that there is a low tire on the Jeep which we are
Our 2012 Showhauler RV
towing.   Geesh!  Not the way I wanted to start the trip off.  Got the tire issue straightened out and we headed off on our 18 day trip.

Got to the rest area about an hour after leaving and sure enough a shutdown and restart cured the check engine light.  There is some sort of emissions valve that has a hard time opening when the RV sites during humid periods.  I guess I better not let it sit anymore ;-)

Traffic was minimal through Columbus & Cincinnati  Oh, along with Lexington & Louisville  Ky.  On
the north bound side of 65 there was the remnants of a burned to the ground Semi Truck that caused a 10 mile back up for those folks, which was easily an hour delay.  Just as we came up to the off ramp for  Cave City I could see an excavator that had just flipped ove on a hill side.  Chase our son got a couple quick shots of the accident, pretty crazy!

Cave Country RV Campground is a nice clean place, very long sites to fit any size rig and I would say a good place for a quick stop over as you travel through the area.  There is a lot of railroad noise along with some highway noise so if your a light sleeper, not a place your going to enjoy.  After getting setup we ran over to Cracker Barrel which is right around the corner for an early dinner and after it cooled down this evening I gave the dogs a good walk.  I had a great chat with two of our neighbors who where headed on their own RV journeys it opposite directions.  That is what I love about RV'ing, the opportunity to see so many cool places and meet such diverse and interesting people.   For me at least, it's much better than doing it over a computer.


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