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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sugar Plantation Tour

Day 10 - Friday:  Todays drive was 377 miles, we where half temped to take the RV's on the ferry across Galveston inlet, but saw comments on wait times and decided to drive around.  With a stop for fuel and a visit to the Houmas House Plantation and Gardens it was a long day.  The highlights on the
drive where the causeway bridges you go over on I-10 in Louisiana as you close in on New Orleans.   Just real pretty scenery with tons of water.

We decided to make the stop to see the Houmas Plantation the night before, since it was an hour west of where we were staying and would eat up alot of driving time going back in that direction.  Our only worry was if both of our RV's could fit in the parker lot being almost 65 ft long.  Luckily it was not to crowed and we both found a spot although I did have to unhook the car to maneuver around a traffic island.   We had a few minutes before the tour started so we wondered around the front yard area checking out the massive 500 + year
old live oak trees.  Our tour guide was a was a middle aged women who had done some theatre and played the roll of a southern lady quite well.  She actually made the tour a little more realistic even though the house really was not totally of the period anymore.  The gentleman who purchased it last actually lived in it so there where many updates done to the home along with his own art collection decorating the place.  One update that I did not mind was the addition of air condition which was surely welcome with the 90 + degree temps and high humidity.  It actually made me a bit nervous for the dogs in the RV, as long as the generator did it's job they would stay nice and cool.   The tour lasted about an hour and our guide painted a very detailed picture of the history of the plantation and it' may owners.  Afterwards you can walk the amazing gardens that surrond the home, although it was so hot and we still had an hour to go before getting to the campground we bypassed most of this.

We finally arrived at the Bayou Segnette State Park around 6:30 and with only one attendant and a lot of fisherman trying to get into the park it took quite awhile to get checked in.   For a friday night the place was pretty empty and with nice big sites it was easy to get backed in and setup.  I quickly noticed we had no power and checked the breaker along with my Progressive Surge Guard unit to confirm an issue.  I checked with Joe who was parked next to us and he mentioned he had power, but a further checked now showed no power.  Since it was late we rushed back to the office in hopes of catching someone to fix the issue.  The park police came down and mentioned that these site had issues in the past and that we should move.  We moved a few sites down and all was good, but now it was almost 8 and I was beat.  So Michelle whipped up a few light items and called it a night.


One of the campsite at Bayou Signette

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