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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hopkins Smart Hitch Camera & Sensor System

The Hopkins Smart Hitch Camera & Sensor System makes it easier to line up your hitch ball to your trailer. With the camera located behind the license plate, it keeps all electrical functions at the rear of the vehicle. The camera also features sensors that can detect objects located behind you, along with their relative direction and distance. This avoids damage to your vehicle from objects that may be hidden in your blind spot. If an object is in danger of coming into contact with your vehicle, audible alerts are given to warn you. The monitor is 3.5″ and is full color, while also giving a clear picture, free of interference. The Everyday mode provides you with the rear view when backing up while Hitch mode assists in lining up your tow vehicle to your trailer. A side button allows you to toggle back and forth between Hitch mode or Everyday mode.

The monitor can be mounted several different ways, including on the dashboard, near the rearview mirror, or by the driver’s side window. It's important that the monitor does not block the airbags on your vehicle, or your view while driving. Once the camera is mounted behind the license plate, the cables are connected at the rear of the vehicle. The camera is adjustable and can be modified depending on the angle of your license plate or the rear view you wish to see. The sensors can be tested by very slowly backing up toward an object.

For more information on the Hopkins Smart Hitch Camera, Click Here


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