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Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the RV'er in your Life

  1. Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System - There is nothing more important than safety and the Doran system definitely delivers that.  It would be very difficult to determine if you have a tire issue on your travel trailer, fifth wheel or towed vehicle that is pulled by a motorhome until it's to late.  And with all new vehicles since 2008 having tire sensors included right from the factory, drivers have come to rely on this safety feature.  That is why the Doran system is not only an import accessory to have it makes for an incredibly appreciated gift.  We have used this system since 2006 and have enjoyed the peace of mind the Doran TPMS delivers.  Systems are available from 2 to 14 tires to meet anyones needs and installation is quick and easy!
  2. Doran Tire Pressure Monitor
    Doran Tire Pressure Monitor

  3. Flag Pole Buddy - 1" RV Flag Pole Kit -  What's more American than showing your patriotism and flying a flag?  With the Flag Pole Buddy patented flag pole mounts this is something any RV'er can do now. The best place to install the unique mounts are on the rear ladder of your camper or motorhome.  And when it's time to fly the flag, simply put the flag pole into the top mount and the lower mount will keep it in place.  Add a solar flag pole topper and make it an extra special gift any RV'er would enjoy.  We love our Flag Pole Buddy and when you see us camping you will see the RVupgrades flag flying below the American flag.

  4. Flag Pole Buddy 1" RV Flag Pole Kit
    Flag Pole Buddy

  5. Rand McNally TripMaker RV GPS - We love this GPS but it wasn't always that way.  This GPS takes some fine tuning with regards to your type of RV setup and driving habits.  If some or all of these parameters are not filled in correctly you may not like the route this GPS delivers.  But once completed this gift will deliver enjoyment mile after mile.  The Tripmaker is design with features including a easy-grip case which is ideal when planning your adventures, brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light, and upgraded speaker. Additional updates include Wi-Fi Connect to wireless hotspot or mobile access point on your smartphone to receive live weather data, Weather Dynamic including current and forecasted details for your current location, destination, and anywhere along your route.  There are so many great features for RV'ers contained in this unit, but the best of all are all of the campgrounds available at your finger tips.
  6. Rand McNally TripMaker RV GPS
    Rand McNally TripMaker RV GPS

  7. When Pigs Fly - The kids and adults will Blast-off into "Hog Heaven" as they launch out of a cannon high into the sky.  On each turn, players send a pig flying, add a pig to their pen, or give one of their pigs to another player. The first person to get rid of all their pigs is the winner.  This game was a huge hit last Christmas keeping kids squealing for hours!
  8. When Pigs Fly

  9. ScanGaugeII Vehicle Computer - More information is always better and when it comes to your tow vehicle or motorhome that information came be very valuable.  Whether your trying to save fuel or diagnose an engine issue the ScanGuage is the perfect tool for the job.  This incredible vehicle computer features more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 4 trip computers and an easy-to-use ScanTool that shows both set and pending trouble codes.  All this in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.  What could be more perfect for that gear head in your family.
  10. ScanGuageII Vehicle Computer

  11. RV Die Cast Collectibles - These 1/43 scale die cast collectible toys feature free wheeling tires and wheels and built from sturdy die cast metal and plastic. Kids of all ages will love having a great replica of mom and dad's RV.  Available in a fifth wheel with pickup, mini motorhome, class a motorhome, suv with travel trailer, Jeep with trailer and mini motorhome with boat.  Kids will love waking up to this gift under the Christmas tree.
  12. RV Die Cast Collectible
    RV Die Cast Collectible

  13. Highlander Picnic Basket - Picnic Time has created a beautiful brown rattan & bamboo style basket with deluxe service for four. The handcrafted Highlander picnic basket was designed for the picnicking elite. The unique, original design is functional as well as elegant. This is the perfect gift for those who love to take a day trip to a park for some R & R.
  14. Picnic Time Highlander Basket
    Highlander Picnic Basket

  15. Sportula grilling spatula - Camping and grilling go hand in hand and the campfire chef in your family deserves a tool that complements their talents. The Sportula grilling spatula features a heavy duty stainless steel blade with a unique laser-cut design in it. The ground front edge makes sliding those burgers onto the spatula and not into the fire. The maple handle is attached with brass rivets. Plus a bottle opener is conveniently located at the opposite end to keep the chef well hydrated.  Designs are available for Grandpa, Dad or golfer in the family.
  16. Sportula spatula
    Sportula Grilling Spatula

  17. Rome Panini Pie Iron - What is more fun than having the kids help make dinner?  Well sometimes that means more work, but not with a pie iron.   The Rome Panini press is a great for making all kids of yummy things for those finicky appetites. And best of all the cast iron design will last for generations.
  18. Rome Panini Press Pie Iron
    Panini Pie Iron

  19. RVupgrades.com Gift Card - Still having trouble finding that one last gift?  Our gift cards are the perfect answer for that hard to buy for RV'er.  Don't have time to wait for a card to arrive in the mail?  We still have you covered with our gift certificates that are sent by email.  Oh and don't worry about an expiration date, because they never expire.  So your recipient can use it anytime they may need RV accessories for their home on wheels.
RVupgrades RV Accessories Gift Card
RVupgrades RV Accessories Gift Card

I hope some of these suggestions help you get that perfect gift for the RV'er in your life.  You can check out more RV accessories by clicking the link below.

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