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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Top 5 RV Interior Lights for Quiet Time Readers

Are you one of those campers that likes to hunker down inside of the RV with a good book once the campground’s nightly quiet time begins? If so, you may be interested to know that our task lighting needs change as we age. In our early years, a flashlight or small lantern may prove to be the perfect reading light. However, once we reach our senior years, its best to swap out that flashlight or lantern with great RV interior lights. With that in mind, here are five that would be ideal for a late night read:

#1: Gustafson Satin Nickel Reading Light
First on our list is Gustafson’s Satin Nickel Reading Light. Its sleek design and adjustability are just two of the features that make it ideal for finishing one’s favorite page-turner. The 6-1/8” long and 3-1/4” wide light operates on 12 volts and requires a single 1383 bulb. You can also purchase the light with a satin nickel finish. For the best results, consider mounting the RV interior light on the side of your bed below eye level or above the headboard. Then simply adjust the light’s extension as needed.

#2: Gustafson Directional Reading Light
The second RV interior light to make our list is also manufactured by Gustafson Lighting. However, this one is a low-profile, directional reading light that requires an 1139 bulb. Thus, it is best used with an overhead mount. We should also mention that it comes with a choice of two finishes, black and satin nickel.

#3: Gustafson Ceiling Light
Keeping with the Gustafson Lighting brand, the third product on our list is a brass halogen ceiling light. Although it is designed to be installed as either a flush or recessed mount, we’d suggest opting to go with the recessed option. That way, you won’t have to worry about head space issues in compact sleeping quarters. Each light fixture comes with a 10-watt halogen bulb.

#4: Ming’s Mark LED Tube Light
The fourth RV interior light that would be suitable for a late night read is manufactured by Ming’s Mark. It is a LED tube light that is 6” wide, 19.7” long and a modest 1.42” high. The light is capable of generating 3x200 lumens and requires 8 to 30v DC.

#5: Progressive Dynamics Dome Light
The fifth and final RV interior light that you may want to consider purchasing is created by Progressive Dynamics. It is a low-profile, high-intensity, double incandescent light outfitted with a convenient slide switch. Because it is so bright, you may want to consider mounting it in a single bunk or another area that is less likely to disturb others.

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