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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RV Product Review: Trash-Ease Garbage Bag Holder

Like most of you we spend a lot of time outside of the RV, usually under the awning enjoying the serenity that the outdoors provides.  We try to get a hike in or explore the local attractions and in the evening enjoy a campfire cooked meal.

Being outside so much, one solution I have always been on the look out for was a good trash can that was compact and easy to store.  For the past few years I had been using a collapsible garbage can which works nice, but tends to get dirty and if put away damp can mold.  So I was pretty excited to see a unique garbage bag holder attached to the picnic table at a neighbors campsite this past summer. That evening I asked what it was and he explained that it was called "Trash-ease"  and it simply slides on to the edge of any table or counter.  Put a trash bag on and you have a super convenient trash can.

I have to tell you that this thing is genius! I immediately got online found the company who made them and had one on the way that day.   Trash-ease features a corrosion resistant black finish with non marring rubberized coating that will not scratch or harm the attached surface.  It can also be used indoors, wherever and whenever you need a garbage bag to collect trash in a clean, efficient, and hands-free way.

One comment I have heard about the trash bag holder from individuals who have only seen the product online is that they are worried about the smell of garbage or flies being near their food.  I guess if you left old smelly garbage in the bag that could be a problem, but even if you have a garbage can you empty it often.   And it does not necessarily have to be right by your food, a table can be setup away from food if needed.  We have had no issue with this and I am telling you this thing is so nice to have.  Thi is one of those RV accessories that makes camping just a little more convenient.

And it's not just for camping, use it at picnics, sporting events, crafting, scrap-booking, sewing, workshops and any other place you need a place to put trash.  And it can be stored away in places with limited space such as a storage bay in a camper or even a car trunk. There is no assembly and it's best of all it is made in the USA.

Trash Ease Garbage bag holder

1 comment:

  1. I have this product and love it. Best thing since sliced bread and so simple to use. It's handy and we can toss things in it all day long, and OF COURSE, you toss he bag in the dumpster every evening and don't have trash sitting around all night.