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Monday, November 18, 2013

RV Accessory Retailer’s 5 Tips for Keeping a Camper Secure

Whether your camping in the wilderness or some location you have never been before, you never know who or what may decide to stroll into your campsite. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take the necessary steps to keep your family, RV and other valuables safe. As a longtime RV accessory retailer, we happen to know of several items that would be perfect for such applications. Here are five worth mentioning:

RV Accessory Retailer Tip #1: Buy a Motion Detector Security System
Motion detector security systems are one of the best ways to protect your campsite from intruders. Take WestOZ Portable Wireless Motion Detection Security System for instance. It features a passive infrared motion detector sensor that is capable of securing a 150 degree pattern with a 30 foot range. The system can even be controlled remotely with a handy key FOB. We should also point out that if someone does try to breach the system, an 115db interior siren will sound off immediately.

RV Accessory Retailer Tip #2: Install Smart Lights
Installing motion sensor activated lights both inside and outside of your RV can also go a long way when it comes to maintaining campsite security. Of course the lights can make moving around during periods of low light safer for your RV’s occupants too. Superior products to consider in that regard are the Night Minder Motion Activated Task Light and Mr. Beams LED Wireless Remote Control Outdoor Spotlight.

RV Accessory Retailer Tip #3: Consider Using Cameras
Adding digital wireless cameras to your RV’s set-up is another option to consider. Most are designed to increase safety during backup procedures. However, you could also use them to see who might be lurking around outside. Examples of equipment available include the Voyager Digital Wireless Camera System and the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Backup Camera.

RV Accessory Retailer Tip #4: Install Blind Spot Mirrors
While we are on the topic of backing up, blind spot mirrors can aid in keeping your campsite secure as well. Just place them in spots that allow you to safely see the entire area around your RV. One company that manufactures great blind spot mirrors is CIPA. They produce several that are designed with an adhesive
backing. As such, installing them where needed is a real breeze.

RV Accessory Retailer Tip#5: Invest in a Safe
Are you carrying important documents, jewelry and other valuables in your RV too? Then investing in an electronic safe by Kwikee is a prudent action to take. Constructed out of solid steel, Kwikee Kwik Safes feature a key pad and key system that provides great security for one’s valuables. In addition, its compact design makes it ideal for use inside closets or cabinets.

To learn more about these and other products designed to keep your camper secure, please contact us. We may be reached through our site’s live chat option or by phone. Our phone number is (866) 332-7881.

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