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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

RV Cover Buying Guide

It's the time of year to winterize your RV and store it until the spring. If your RV will be living outside and facing the elements for the next few months, you should use a cover to protect it. There are many options when decided what kind of cover to get, so we put together a quick guide to make the decision easy. If you have any other questions you can always get in touch with us through email or our Facebook page!


The most obvious consideration to make when buying a cover is making sure you're getting the correct size and type for your RV. Your options are:

Miscellaneous Covers

There are also covers for other parts of your RV that might need protection both in the winter and periodically throughout the year. At RVUpgrades.com we also carry:

Cover Material

Deciding on what type of material is necessary for the climate you live in is a crucial component of purchasing an RV cover. Covers are available in a few different materials depending on brand.


  • SFS AquaShed: SFS AquaShed is recommended for wet regions where intense sun exposure isn't a great concern. This is a great option for RV owners in the northern US and Canada.
  • Tyvek: Tyvek is recommended for sun protection, so if you live in southern regions of the country or you want to protect your RV from harsh sunlight during the summer, Tyvek is a great option. Tyvek also has the added benefit of having the same level of moisture protection as the SFS AquaShed.


  • UltraShield: Ultrashield is Camco's light-duty cover that's ideal for southern regions of the country. Its light design makes it easy to put on and take off, and its moisture resistant and breathable properties allow the cover to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • UltraGuard: UltraGuard is Camco's heavy-duty cover that is recommended for regions that will experience rain and snow. The same UV protection is present in UltraGuard as in UltraShield.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at RVUpgrades.com so you can be sure your RV will be properly protected all winter!


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