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Friday, November 22, 2013

RV Product Spotlight: Garnet Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System

I found very early on in RV ownership that the tank leveling systems installed by manufacturers are pretty close to worthless.  I never understood how someone could design a system that would not work when anything came in contact with it.  I am pretty sure that is why an RV has a waste tank, to hold "stuff" which is more than likely to clog those tank sensors.

My background is in industrial automation which utilizes all kinds of level sensor technology and I was
hoping to find something from that industry that I could utilize in my RV.  We had been introduced to Garnet Instruments on a industrial project and later found they had recently introduced a RV tank monitoring system.  After a little research and then some testing, the Seelevel II system which is distributed by Garnet Technologies in the U.S., became one of the first RV accessories we offered to RV'ers back in 2002.  I truly love this system for it's ease of installation and amazing digital accuracy.

The genius behind the Seelevel II system is in the tank sensors which are mounted on the outside of the tanks eliminating any chance for fouling or inaccuracy. Since the system uses bus technology only a single wire can handle multiple sensors.  This also make it possible to easily add an additional monitor in the sewer bay if desired.

The Seelevel II 709 series is available in many different configurations to meet most any motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailers tank configurations. Each system provides tank level information using percentage of full readout. Detailed diagnostic information is available through the system monitor and systems are available to monitor up to 4 tanks, battery voltage and LP levels.  Systems even include water pump and water heater switches making the swap from your old system complete.

I have personally installed the Garnet system on every RV I have owned (5 to date) since finding this great product and have enjoyed perfect tank level indication ever since.  The Seelevel system is definitely one of those products that improves the RV'ing experience.

Seelevel II Tank monitoring System

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