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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best RV Accessories and Traveling Games for Dominoes Fans

Dominoes are one of those games that have been around for centuries. They also happen to have ties to more than one country. Some people claim that it was invented during the 12th century by the Chinese. Others assert that the game was the brainchild of Egyptians. All we can say with a surety is that the games’ many variations remain popular with today’s RVers.  With that said, here’s a look at a few of the best RV accessories and traveling games for dominoes fans:
Domino Trays
We think that every dominoes player needs a sturdy, wooden domino tray to keep his or her tiles in order during the game. That’s why Fundex Games’ Domino Trays tops our list of RV accessories for traditional gamers. They are sold four to a box, which is enough to hold 60 dominoes.
Highrise Dominoes
 Click to view the High Rise Domino GameModern day fans that crave a new variation of the game may appreciate Fundex Games’ Highrise Dominoes too. It comes with 12 spacers, 36 tiles and a square base. The game starts with one player strategically filling the base with eight tiles. The rest of the players are dealt five tiles each.
Each player’s mission is to use those five dominoes to cover the base. The tricky part is that each of the five dominoes must touch two matching tiles on the base. The scoring is identical to the traditional game. So the player with the most points wins.
Mexican Train Dominoes
Fundex Games also manufactures another version of the game called Mexican Train. It includes 91 tiles, which during the game are referred to as box cars. The set also includes a sound enabled, train station hub and train engine markers. Depending on the number of people in the game, each player is given a marker and 8 to 15 tiles. There is also a marker that’s designated as the Mexican train.
Once they’ve been dealt, the players place their markers near the hub. The markers are followed by box cars. Each player gets an opportunity to build his or her own straight train as well as add to the others. The game doesn’t end until someone goes out or all of the moves are exhausted. The person with the most points then gets to make train noises and is declared the winner.
To learn more about these items and other RV accessories that are ideal for keeping campers entertained, please contact us at RV Upgrades.

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