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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tips for Planning your Valentine’s Day RV Road Trip

Are you an RV'er who has been visited by Cupid and his well-stocked quiver?  As an RV accessory retailer who's employees have gone on their share of romantic RV road trips, we’re about to reveal a few of our tips for planning Valentine’s Day camping excursions:
Remember Luxury Counts
One romantic road trip truism that the RVupgrades family can agree upon is that luxury counts. So we’d suggest stocking your RV with  high thread count bed linens. In most instances, a thread count of 200 or higher tends to create an ideal, soft, romantic space. While you are at it, consider packing towels with a high thread count and absorbency level as well. They, along with scented bath products, will make sprucing up during your Valentine’s Day camping trip a luxurious experience.
Opt for Convenience
While on a romantic Valentine’s Day camping trip, absolutely no one wants to wash a huge pile of dishes or otherwise slave away in the kitchen. Because of that, we’d recommend stocking up on easy to prepare, romantic foods and picnic products as well. Good choices are fresh fruits, cheeses, wines, shrimp, pasta and pasta sauces. Having RV accessories like portable ice makers, digital coffee makers, microwave pressure cookers and collapsible produce keepers available can help make preparing Valentine’s Day dinners a cinch too.

Create a Great Atmosphere
Lastly, consider creating a romantic mood at your campsite with RV lighting and stereo systems. Examples of items that may help your efforts are the Kelty LumaSpot Rhythm Lantern and Jensen JRV201B SIRIUS Ready 2.0 DIN Stereo. The lantern can provide both lighting and MP3 music simultaneously. The stereo system, on the other hand, has multiple features that may enhance a romantic evening. Among them are EQ presets, backlit displays, a wireless remote control and song seek alert capabilities.
To learn more about these romantic road trip products, please contact us. Our RV accessory retail experts are poised to provide all of the information that you’ll need to make this year’s Valentine’s Day camping trip special.

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