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Monday, January 20, 2014

Camping Trailer Accessories: A Look at Camco’s Little Red Portable Campfire

Nowadays, many state parks and federal lands have rules that prohibit ground level or in-ground fires. Some areas also have strict restrictions on which fuel sources may be used to create camp fires. That said, it never hurts to have a backup plan in place. One camping trailer accessory that can effectively serve as a backup is the Camco Little Red Portable Campfire.
The Camco Little Red Portable Campfire does not run on firewood or charcoal. So there is no need to worry about firewood restrictions or ash residue disposal. It’s a self-contained beauty that runs on regular LP gas cylinders and features ceramic logs instead. The unit comes with a 9.5” ring burner, 11.25” fire tray, carrying handle and an 8’ propane hose for attachment purposes.
What we like about the Little Red, besides its self-contained portability, is the BTU output and adjustable flame. It makes achieving the right amount of light and heat very easy. The unit may be feasibly paired with other camping trailer accessories like a freestanding, metal, campfire grill or a couple of Rome Pie Irons. The campfire grill has a stake that is driven into the ground and allows for easy height adjustment. The Rome Pie Irons are compact and keep your Little Red Campfire from getting grease or melted cheese dripped onto the logs.

If you do decide to try and cook something over the portable campfire, remember that propane can leave black marks onto the bottom of metal pans. So you’ll want to try and remove them right away or use old cookware. Sometimes submerging the stained pans into a boiling hot, 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water will help to remove the stains. Commercial cleaners might be of use in such instances too. 
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  1. I bought a Little Red Campfire to use at a campground on the Outer Banks last summer. It worked great, and we were very glad we had it. We don't use it every trip, but are happy to have it when an open fire isn't an option.