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Friday, January 31, 2014

Upgrade Your Camper with an RV Central Vacuum System

It's not uncommon to see a central vacuum system in a home, but in an RV or boat?  About 15 years ago HP products developed a small compact central vacuum for boats and RV's under the Dirt Devil brand.  Initially found in upscale motorhomes, over time, manufacturers have found it to be a great option for all types of RV's due to it's compact size and amazing power.  Today it's one of the hottest RV upgrades a camper or motorhome owner can make in the battle to keep their RV clean.
No Need to Carry a Large Vacuum
While many RV's have lost the carpet in place of solid floor surfaces, trying to sweep up after a fun filled camping weekend isn't going to get the floor very clean.  It may take care of the big stuff, but the dust and small dirt is left behind.  This can lead you to consider packing along an upright vacuum cleaner to try an keep things clean. Unfortunately, RVs don't have a lot of storage space and loosing a big portion of a closet for a large house hold vacuum isn't always ideal.  A central vacuum system installed in your unit can give you the cleaning power you need without taking up additional space.  The Dirt Devil RV Central Vacuum system for instance measures just 7.5" x 7" x 14.25" and can be mounted under a bed, dinette or even in a storage bay.
Added Health Benefits
Many individuals love camping, even those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues that are made worse by pollen, dust and other debris that floats around while you camp. These individuals may avoid doing something they love to keep their symptoms at bay. Being able to vacuum your RV on a regular basis can cut back on the symptoms, making camping a more enjoyable experience once again. Both the Dirt Devil and the Intervac RV central vacuum systems feature HEPA filtration preventing the dust and pollen from being spread in the air during vacuuming.
Clean Inside and Out
Most people understand they can clean the inside of their RV with their central vacuum. When that large bag of open chips hits the carpets or furniture you can quickly and easily have the mess vacuumed up with your central vacuum at the ready.  However, with the hoses and other attachments that often come with these systems, you can even clean up spills on the outside of your RV. For instance, perhaps your child put a sand bucket that still had sand in it inside your external storage bay. This mess used to be difficult to take care of. With your central vacuum, you can easily stretch the hose outside and take care of the mess.
Installing a RV central vacuum systems in an RV doesn't take a pro either.  With just a few tools many times a system can be installed in under an hour depending on location.  For those who want a custom installation with possible a few remote inlets and a vac pan for the kitchen, plan a few hours extra to get it just right.

Those who camp in RV's often have a difficult time keeping things clean, especially if they camp in areas where there is a lot of dirt or other debris and many little feet entering and exiting the RV.  With the convenience of an rv central vacuum system, keeping your RV clean is no longer a major chore. 
If you are interested in purchasing and installing a central vacuum system in your RV, contact us. We can help you choose the right one and give tips on how to install it so your next trip is cleaner.

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