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Friday, January 24, 2014

Blue Ox Towing Products Let You Bring a Car Along on Your Motorhome Adventures

A motorhome lets you bring many of the comforts of home along as you explore new places, whether
they are historic sites, campgrounds or other tourist areas. Many new RV owners think they will be able to tour around in their motorhome, but quickly come to the realization that preparing the RV to travel after a nights sleep takes quite a bit of time.  Also parking becomes an issue as does clearance under bridges, building overhangs and entry gates.  Bikes or walking are an option, but you will miss out on everything other than what is close by to the campground. 
Bring a Vehicle Along
So wouldn't it be great to have a car or SUV to run around in? Then you could go exploring without needing to disturb your nicely settled in RV. So what are the options?  Well, you could go with a trailer which would allow you to tow pretty much any vehicle within the towing limits of your motorhome.  But, you have to find a place to store it and loading and unloading will get old pretty quick.  A tow dolly is easier to store at your destination, but requires you to tow a front wheel drive car or a car that could be towed 4 wheels down.  Our almost 20 years of experience towing a vehicle behind a motorhome points to using a tow bar and towing a car or SUV 4 wheels down.  And Blue Ox towing products is one of the most trusted name in towing a vehicle behind your motorhome safely and economically. 
Selecting the Right Equipment
Whether your a budget conscious motorhome owner who only plans to tow a few times a year or a weekend warrior who will be towing through out the camping season, selecting the right components the first time is key. But first the most vital piece of the puzzle is determining if the vehicle you own or plan to purchase is capable of being towed 4 wheels down.  Do not assume since you saw another RV'er towing a car 4 wheels down that it can be done, there are factors such as manual or automatic transmission, 2 wheel or all wheel drive or possibly add on aftermarket transmission pumps used.  Be sure to check with the manufacturer of the vehicle to be sure!  We have also found Motorhome Magazines Dinghy Towing guide to be a great resource.

Last year we put out an article called "Blue Ox Towing System For Towed Vehicles" which details everything you need to safely tow a vehicle behind your motorhome which we recommend for anyone researching the subject.  It reviews the 4 major components you will need to tow a car or SUV including; a baseplate that is attached to the frame of the towed vehicle, a tow bar which links the tow vehicle and the motorhome, the braking system which applies brakes to the towed vehicle and towing accessories which include wiring kits, safety products and protective equipment.
The most popular Blue Ox towing setup includes the following products:

  • Tow Bar - The Blue Ox Aventa LX, this is a 10,000 lb rated tow bar which will cover most vehicles and features the innovative ball and socket joint design. This tow bar also includes safety cables which are required by law.
  • Baseplate - These are vehicle specific and can be selected here.
  • Braking System - Blue Ox Patriot which is portable and requires very little in the way of installation.  This includes a brake away system, again required by law based on tow weight ratings.
  • Wiring - The Blue Ox 7 to 6 way coiled cable kit which extends the lighting from your motorhome to the front of your towed vehicle.  And the Demco Towed Wiring Kit which features a plug and play design to activate your towed vehicles brake & taillights.
All of these products can be found in our Towing Section and will have you up and towing in no time
If you would like help in selecting the best towing option for your needs, contact us, either online or by calling toll free 866-332-7881. RVupgrades.com wants to help you have most enjoyable and trouble free RV experiences possible.

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