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Thursday, January 9, 2014

RV Accessories: A Look at the Jobar Pancake Batter Dispenser

One of the joys of camping is waking up to a hearty breakfast that can be enjoyed around a campfire or from the comfy confines of your RV. If you agree with us, you may want to pick up a Jobar Pancake Batter Dispenser. It can make getting everyone off to a great breakfast quick and easy.
Click to view the pancake dispenserThe Jobar Pancake Batter Dispenser is drip-less, trigger fed and just the right size for single hand use. It also holds four cups of pancake batter at a time. So if you use 2 ounces of mix per pancake, you should be able to serve roughly four to five people at a time. The other great thing about the Jobar Pancake Batter Dispenser is that it can hold more than just pancake batter. We know of people that use it to make breakfast muffins, waffles, crepes, appetizers and snack cakes.
If you want to simplify your mornings even more, consider making the pancakes up ahead of time and freezing them. It’s easy enough to do with the right RV accessories. Once the pancakes are initially made, let them cool down. Then grab some wax paper, aluminum foil, paper towels and resealable freezer bags. Place one cool pancake on top of a sheet of wax paper. Next, top it with another sheet of wax paper. It will help to keep the individual pancakes from sticking to one another. Continue the procedure until you've stacked four pancakes. That should be enough for one person.
From there, wrap the pancake stack in aluminum foil followed by paper towels. The paper towels will help to keep any moisture away from the stacks of pancakes. Afterward, slide the wrapped stack of pancakes into an airtight freezer bag and store them in your ice chest, built-in or portable compressor freezer/refrigerator.
When you are ready to make breakfast, reheat the pancakes in your RV’s oven or microwave. You could also warm them over a campfire. If you are worried about the pancakes drying out in the process, try reheating them with the aid of a Progressive International Steamer Basket or Jobar Microwave Steamer. The moisture from the steam should do the trick.
For more information about the pancake batter dispenser and other RV accessories that will make your mornings go smoother, please contact us at (866) 332-7881.

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