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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Camco Premium Safe Drinking Water Hose

Camco Drinking Water Hose
When using a water hose on a camping trip to supply drinking water, it is important to make sure the water coming out of that hose is safe to consume. This comes into play not only when filling water bottles or thermoses, but also when consuming anything else that water comes into contact with. The Camco Premium Safe Drinking Water Hose is able to provide water that is safe consume or use in food preparation. When using a hose for these purposes, you need to be sure that the materials in the hose itself do not contain harmful amounts of certain elements or chemicals.

The Camco Premium Safe Drinking Water Hose is made from materials that are CSA certified for low lead content. It has a wider diameter than most other hoses, so it can deliver more water at a greater rate. This hose also features strain relief on the ends to reduce kinking where the hose is attached. In other words, once the hose is hooked up, the connected end will not hang straight down from the attachment. Likewise when using it to fill a container, the other end is able to hold its position. The plastics in the hose are BPA free and the hoses are available in various lengths, ranging from 10 feet to 50 feet.

Whether using the water for drinking or for cooking, the Camco Premium Safe Drinking Water Hose will ensure that the water is safe. This hose is adaptable for use not only with RVs but with any application that needs to supply safe drinking water. Other examples of possible uses include rinsing off food before cooking or eating it, and even using it as a way to fill pools or tubs.

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