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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Carrand RV Cleaning Accessories and Tools

Washing your RV can become quite a chore, especially if you don’t have access to the proper tools. You may also wish to leave your RV with a streak free, detailed appearance. Carrand RV cleaning accessories are made to help make that task a little easier. Several items in particular will save you from unnecessary effort and feature ease of use, while still leaving a professional looking appearance.

Examples of useful Carrand RV Cleaning Accessories include microfiber detailing towels, a chenille wash mop and a fire hose nozzle. The microfiber detailing towels will leave your RV with a professional looking shine. They can be used for any step in the cleaning process, including washing, drying or polishing. These towels come 6 in a pack so you won’t have to worry about running out. The colored edges make it easier to keep the towels separated. For example, a certain color can be used for a certain cleaning solution, or used for a specific step in the process.

The chenille wash mop has an extending handle so it is easier to get to hard to reach spots without weighing you down. The microfibers work well in taking off dirt without taking your RV’s painted finish off with it. The mop head can also be removed and used by hand for more intense scrubbing.

The fire hose nozzle can perform multiple duties, as the water pressure can be adjusted to fit the needs of the application. It can produce a powerful spray for washing a car or RV, or be toned down to water flowers and plants. It is particularly useful for getting the wheels and undercarriage of your vehicle clean. A forceful spray will also be able to reach the higher points on your motorhome.

Carrand RV Cleaning Accessories can not only be used for RV’s but for other types of vehicles as well, including cars and trucks. They will be able to get your vehicles thoroughly clean, saving you the expense of having it professionally done.

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