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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stromberg Carlson A-Frame Bike Carrier

Stromberg Carlson A-Frame Bike Carrier
Sometimes using a hitch mounted bike rack can get in the way, especially if propane tanks or other objects are kept with your motorhome. This can also become a problem if it gets in the way of towing an RV. The Stromberg Carlson A-Frame Bike Carrier helps to alleviate that issue. Besides allowing for propane tanks, this bike carrier can keep your bike rack lifted up and out of the way when towing. This carrier does not come with a bike rack, however is does not have to be fitted with any certain model.

The Stromberg Carlson A-Frame Bike Carrier is made to work with any standard 2″ hitch mounted bike rack, and can handle varying sizes. It sits 33.5″ off the A-Frame, so your bikes can stowed at a higher position. The fact that is can fit around any propane tanks makes it easier to install or take off. It features a black finish that stays resilient against outside weather conditions. It is strong and durable, so it can support the weight of the bikes plus the bike rack.

Using the Stromberg Carlson A-Frame Bike Carrier will vary depending on your specific application. It will save you the effort of having to make room for a bike rack. There is also no need to stow the bicycles somewhere else in order to accommodate propane tanks. It presents a more hassle free way to transport bicycles while on the road. This bike carrier is constructed here in the USA.

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