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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Glendinning Model M Hosemaster Fresh Water Reel

Glendinning Model M Hosemaster
Not everyone finds the idea of using a hose reel appealing, due to the added weight and potentially cumbersome operation. However, using a hose reel to store a water hose during an RV trip can have several advantages. The Glendinning Model M Hosemaster in particular is a relatively lightweight, easy to use reel that can provide better convenience. Besides keeping the hose from getting tangled while not in use, this reel also supplies you with as much or as little hose length as you need.

The Glendinning Model M Hosemaster can accommodate 35 foot, 1/2″ diameter hoses, so water can flow at a fast rate. Once the hose is no longer needed, several features on the Hosemaster make it easy to wind up and store. The retraction motor is activated simply with the push of a button. It pulls the hose back at a steady pace, saving you from having to wind up the hose yourself. The guide and stop prevent the hose from tangling and overwinding. There is also no need to worry about how to mount the reel, as the guide can be adjusted to one of 6 locations for greater adaptability.

Don’t become discouraged at the thought of using a hose reel to store your water hose. The Glendinning Model M Hosemaster makes supplying your RV with fresh water much easier. The compact design allows it to store the hose in smaller areas where storage space can be at a premium. This hose reel is made to last for a long time without needing maintenance and can provide dependable service.

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Glendinning Model M Hosemaster application

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