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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Save On Costly Damage to your RV with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

tire pressure monitorIt goes without saying that maintaining the right tire pressure is important for any vehicle. Though many of us hate to admit it, it is usually the last thing we check until it's too late. A tire pressure monitor will not only remind you to keep your tires at the proper pressure, it can help you keep tabs on tire health.

Determining Correct Tire Pressures
Even though there maybe a tire pressure listed on the side of your tires, this may not be the correct pressure you need to run. It's important to visit the manufacturers website to determine the correct tire pressure based on the weight of your RV.  It's a good idea to visit a weight station at any truck stop once you have loaded your RV with all of your gear.  For trailer owners, you will want to make sure you get each axle on a different section of the scale.  If the scale is wide enough make a second pass and keep one side of your RV off the scales to calculate weights on each wheel for even more accurate information.
Check the Tread
Once you install your tire pressure monitor, it will be important to keep an eye on tread depth and wear patterns. A tire that climbs in pressure while under way could be an indicator that there is a misalignment issue.  Also load changes or changes in tow vehicle and hitch height can effect how tire wear occurs. Low tread indicators are usually present in between tread patterns, if the indicator is even with the tread, it's definitely time to swap out your tires. If you are unsure, always ask a professional.
Check the Sidewalls
Tire age tends to be the determining factor when RV tires need to be replaced over tire wear.  So it's very important to find the date stamp on each tire.  Do not go by the RV's manufactured date to determine the age of your tires. Many times the chassis your RV sits on has was pre manufactured and spent many months or even years waiting for the RV to be built   If the sidewalls of your tires are cracked or checked, it is time to replace them. Cracking and wear to the sidewalls of your tires can indicate dry rot, in addition to low tire pressure, dry rot can cause an unexpected blowout while on the road.
Tire Pressure Monitor Suggestions for RVs
  • Doran 360RV 12 Sensor System: This tire pressure sensor system uses a easy to read LCD screen to display your tire pressure. It monitors each tire through the valve stems to directly monitor pressure constantly. Once the pressure is determined, the information is sent wirelessly to the receiver displaying which tires may be low.
  • TST 6 Flow Through Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System:  Ensure safety and prevent tire blowouts by installing TST 6 Flow Through Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature simultaneously in real time, while offering you the ability to custom program high and low PSI settings on up to 4 axles.

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