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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diversi-Tech Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

When your trailer or other towed vehicle is out of your sight, it can be susceptible to theft if left unprotected. This can happen anywhere, whether you are at a campsite or even at home. One way to keep your trailer protected is through the use of a hitch or coupler lock. The Diversi-Tech Universal Trailer Coupler Lock is able to prevent potential thieves from being able to hook up your trailer to their vehicles. This protects a valuable investment as well as whatever items are stored inside. Using this lock also saves you the hassle of trying find one to fit your specific coupler.

The Diversi-Tech Universal Trailer Coupler Lock is able to fit nearly any size tongue-type trailer couplers. It is built to stay strong and resilient against damage from rust or other outside elements. The lock has three positions, with lock and bolt lock selections to ensure maximum security. The lock is designed to provide a tight fit, no matter what kind of coupler you own. The four keys that come with the set ensure that you won’t have to worry about misplacing a key. It also allows you to give others access to the lock, if you so choose.

Trailer theft is something that can happen to anyone if the right steps aren’t taken. Using the Diversi-Tech Universal Trailer Coupler Lock lets you rest easy, knowing that your trailer is secure from thieves when its out of sight. This greatly reduces the risk of your trailer and anything stowed inside getting into the wrong hands. Locks are used to protect your house and your vehicles, don’t let your trailer be any different.

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