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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ready America Travel TV Wall Mount

Ready America TV Wall Mount
If you need to bring a TV along on your next road trip, it is possible to travel with a wall mounted TV. You may even want to take a TV you use at home, or move the TV from the inside of the RV to the outside. The Ready America Travel TV Wall Mount allows you to install an LCD TV in your motorhome, while still making it possible to easily change locations. This particular wall mount can also handle larger size TVs, so you wont have to settle for a lower quality TV than you would have at home.

The Ready America Travel TV Wall Mount comes with 2 docking stations, so your television can be moved to 2 different locations if you need it. Its versatility allows you to position the TV to almost any angle or direction that you want. This wall mount can support flat screen TVs up to 37″ and 55 lbs. Straps are included to keep the TV secure while the RV is in motion. The set comes with the hardware needed for proper installation. Moving the TV is made easier by simply removing the TV from its current docking station. It can work with TVs from almost any manufacturer, which saves the time and cost of searching for a custom fitted mount.

Using this wall mount system will ensure that you wont have to miss out on current events while traveling, nor will you need to settle for a smaller travel size TV. Whether you are using your home LCD television or simply wish to move it to another location, the Ready America Travel TV Wall Mount adds portability and convenience. It also allows you to upgrade to a better TV for your RV.

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