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Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Great Accessories to Help You Enter and Exit Your RV Safely

Entering and exiting an RV is not always as straight forward as it would seem.  The ground surface is always changing as is the height of the lowest step. Imagine what would happen if you slipped and fell while getting into or out of your motorhome or camper. No one wants the fun to end due to an accident, the positive news is there are RV accessories available that can help you step safely.
RV Step Stabilizers/Braces
One RV accessories that can strengthen your chances of safely entering and exiting a motorhome are step stabilizers. Step stabilizers, also known as step braces, are designed to go underneath of the step’s frame and keep it from moving during use. There are several companies that manufacture step stabilizers. Two that work well are Camco’s Sav-A-Step Braces and Leisure Time’s RV Step Stabilizer. Both install easily and can be adjusted to accommodate the steps’ height. The tallest one available is the Camco model. It can go up to 14 inches in height whereas the Leisure Time model only extends to 12 inches.
Self-Illuminating Steps with Anti-Slip
Self-illuminating steps are another RV accessory that can improve entrance way safety. Many of the self-illuminating steps are designed to be attached directly to the RV and feature built-in LEDs or anti-slip glow tread. However, there are basement glow steps that have the same features but are designed to be placed onto the ground. One company that makes self-illuminating steps in various sizes is Torklift International. Their product line ranges from the basement camper steps that we mentioned earlier to six step models. The firm also manufacturers RV accessories designed to go with them. Examples include boot cleaners, riser guards, glow-in-the-dark handrails and safety locks.
Anti-Slip Strips & Traction Carpeting
If replacing the RV or camper’s steps is not an option at this time, there are other RV accessories to consider. Among them are anti-slip strips, tape, tread and traction carpeting. The strips, tread and tape come in both standard and glow-in-the-dark models. The carpeting tends to be without glow-in-the-dark capabilities. However, they can be modified with the aid of the glow-in-the-dark products that we mentioned previously. Companies that produce such products are InCom, Kwikee and Presto-Fit.
EZ Open Handles
EZ Open Handles are the last RV accessories on our entrance way safety list. The handles are designed to enable campers to open their motorhome doors prior to ever setting foot onto the RV’s steps. As such, there is less of a chance that campers will fall backwards or slip while trying to get inside of their motorhomes. The company that makes the EZ Open Handles is Stromberg Carlson.
To learn more about these RV accessories and other products designed to improve the safety of a motorhome’s entrance way, please contact us. At RV Upgrades, we carry an array of platform steps, entry steps, step covers and repair parts.

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