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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Benefits of Choosing a Portable Water Softener for Your RV

rv water softenerI always get chastised by friends and family when I mention I am going camping. "Traveling in an RV is not camping" I am told over and over again.  O.K. so I am going RV'ing, for some reason that just doesn't sound right.  Those of us who enjoy camping in our RV's (better), like the fact that we get the best of both worlds, all the comforts of home in out of the way places. But many of those out of the way places have very hard well water and a reason why a portable water softener for your RV should be on the top of your RV accessories list.
Soften the Water
There is nothing worse than taking a shower and smelling worse than when you got in.  Hard water many times leaves has a rusty smell and is a primary reason why RV'ers consider a water softener for their RV.  Other great benefits is the elimination of hard water spots on shower doors, dishes and fixtures better tasting water and it's easier to rinse dishes and your body without leaving behind soap residue.
An Easy Installation
When you are camping with your RV, you don't want to bring along a lot of heavy, complicated accessories. Recent updates in RV water softener design has left us with very compact and lightweight units that are easy to transport and setup.   When you reach your campsite, you simply attach the incoming hose to the water spigot at your site and the outgoing side to your RV's water hose. It's that simple. No extra tools required.
Low Cost Operation
It may seem as if the cost of a water softener for your RV is out of your reach. However, the operation costs are relatively low. In fact, these softeners use regular table salt, which means you don't have to purchase special salt when it's time to regenerate the unit. In addition, the reduced wear and tear on your RV will help you protect your investment, saving you even more money in the long run.
Camping doesn't have to mean living off the land in a nylon dome. Having 2 solid walls and a roof around you tends to make more sense in this day and age and so does having good water. With the addition of a portable water softener in your RV, you can experience the comforts of soft water while "roughing it".

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