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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips for Using the Right RV Accessories for Cooking over an Open Fire

Part of the fun of traveling in an RV involves cooking food outdoors. The first few years we camped I thought a campfire was only for sitting around during the evening, keeping warm and cooking marshmallows over.  I just assumed it was way to much work to try and actually cook a meal over until we camped with a group at a mini rally.  One camper pulled out a slick little adjustable grill and the food we ate that night from the campfire was amazing.  In the almost 20 years since that camp-out we have almost exclusively used a campfire to cook over.  And remember, cooking over the fire doesn't necessarily require a special grill, a cast iron skillet and a metal grate will get the job done.  But if your looking for something that can be stored away easily then we just might have the right RV Accessories to get you fired up!

Campfire Grills & Accessories
If your looking for something simple to cook a few burgers over and get that campfire cooking career going look no further than the Pioneer Camp Grill. This super lightweight and very portable grill has folding legs and a nickel plated chrome finish for easy storage and cleanup.  But if it's real functionality you desire than I recommend the CampfireGrill series of products.  The Original; with it's raised sides, 20" x 25" grilling surface and adjustable grill height is the perfect choice for a camping family.  We have used this type of campfire cooking setup for years and love it's flexibility and ability to raise or lower the grill depending on the temperature of the fire.  Grill baskets are another great accessory for cooking fish, vegetables, even steak or chicken.
Pie Irons
Some people don't give pie irons the credit they deserve, these little cookers can serve up some great recipes.  We use either a Rome Double cast iron cooker or the Panani press with some fresh italian bread or bagel our favorite lunch meat, tomato, some cheddar cheese and some hot pepper relish.  I can't tell you how good that sandwich is!   And don't forget desert.  Create delicious S’mores over an open campfire without the mess by using a Rome S'more maker. With this device, you can make up to three S’mores at one time by placing graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in the device and then clamping the top of it down firmly. Hold over flames until the chocolate and marshmallows have melted completely. Use caution when removing the S’mores, as their marshmallow filling can be especially hot.  Even breakfast can be tackled over the fire, just spray the Rome 1405 cast iron waffle iron with some non-stick spray before adding waffle batter. Add a grate over the top of your campfire, and then place the waffle iron in the center of the grate. Cook for three to four minutes, and then flip the waffle iron over. Remove whenever the batter has cooked completely through and waffles are lightly browned around the edges.
After using these cooking tools for some time, you might just find you where a closet campfire cooker and didn't even know it.  To purchase these or other RV camping accessories, visit the store or contact us.

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