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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Motorhome Accessories: Valve Stem Extenders Make Checking Your Tires Air Pressure Effortless

Tire Valve Extenders
So many RV'ers neglect to check the tire pressures in their motorhome each and every trip.  Unlike cars and SUV's, motorhomes tend to be loaded to the max capacity rating of the chassis and tires, leaving a dangerous situation when tires are not properly inflated.  This is why it is critical to check those pressures to ensure that they are set to the manufacturers recommendation for the weight of the motorhome before heading out on the road.  Many times this can be a real chore with motorhome accessories such as stainless steel wheel liners in place and that is where a good set of valve stem extenders will make all of the difference.
Valve stem extenders are one of those motorhome accessories that many newbies often overlook. Designed to affix to your RV's tires, we think that they are one of the best tire maintenance tools going. Once they are in place, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently maintain your motorhome tires’ air pressure. And we all know how important that is!
There are a few things that you must keep in mind about valve stem extenders though. To begin with, not all of them are the same. They come in different lengths, materials and styles. Some are meant to be used with specific valve stems. Others are designed to be universal. So you can’t just pull one off of a store’s shelves and slap it onto your tires without doing a bit of research first. Otherwise, you could end up with that dreaded flat we mentioned or worse yet, a blow out.
Therefore, before making a purchase, look at your tires first. Check out such things as the existing valve caps, cores, stems and rims. You can use a drinking straw and a ruler to determine what angle and length the valve stem extender should be.   There are complete kits with hoses included for the rear dual wheels if your motorhome is so equipped. Hoses are available in rubber or with Stainless Steel over-braiding for added protection and have various mounting brackets depending on the type of wheels are on your motorhome.
If you still have questions about valve stem extenders, please feel free to contact us at (866) 332-7881. Our RV Upgrades team is well familiar with all of the different valve stem extenders and would be pleased to make recommendations.

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