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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting Your RV Ready for Spring

I know, I know it's still a little early for most of us to think about RV'ing just yet, especially when the
weatherman's favorite term this year is a "polar vortex" is on it's way again.  But March is just a few days away and the time change is on the 9th this year, so the countdown is on!  Getting ready for the season should start with a detailed list of items that require maintenance, repair, upgrading and cleaning. Spreading the cost of those items over the next few months prior to your first outing is always easier on the pocket book than waiting until the last minute. So if your RV has been in storage all winter, and you haven't stopped by in a while, it's time to grab paper and pen and pay your lonely RV a visit.  If you need a little help we have made an RV Spring Checklist that covers all of the areas of your RV that may need maintenance.

Now that you have your checklist covered, I thought I would review some RV accessories which are perfect spring time projects that will help maintain and possible update your RV for a trouble free camping season.
What's more important that a complete and thorough inspection of your trailers running gear?   Brakes, bearings and suspension components all require continual maintenance and upkeep.  Lippert makes replacement brake components for most trailers in the popular sizes of 10" & 12".  You'll find complete brake assemblies down to individual components to keep your trailer under control while stopping.  Over the past few years it has come to light that more and more trailers owners are running into worn suspension components such as shackles and bushing sooner than they feel they should.  To rectify the problem, Mobile Outfitters designed their Never Fail Bushing kits and MorRyde developed a line of heavy duty suspension upgrade products that deliver piece of mind to trailer owners.  
Keeping water out of your RV seems like a never ending battle and why you should really take a close look at every seam, joint, vent and skylight.  Not that I am big into astrology, but it does appear that my sign (Pieces) seems to attract water. I have first hand knowledge on roof leak repair in various RV's that I have owned and until the introduction of Eternabond Leak Repair tape about 6 years ago they did not go well.  Eternabond is a miracle, well actually a microsealant in tape form, and when properly installed it is a permanent solution to sealing all of those areas RV manufacturers love to create to make leaks possible.  The beauty of Eternabond is that it works on all RV roof materials such as rubber (EPDM, TPO) fiberglass, aluminum, galvanized steel and more.  Lapp sealant is great for short term repairs, but if your looking to solve the problem for good, then look no further than Eternabond. 
The last thing I wanted to mention was RV lighting, which reminds me that I have a G4 style bulb out under a cabinet.  With LED's on the fast track to lighting up our world, we have seen some real advancements for RV's.  Replacement RV LED light bulbs are fast becoming the bulb of choice when updating the lighting in an RV and I can see why.  They last forever (30,000 + hours) they have become much brighter, don't get scalding hot like standard bulbs, use less energy, deliver softer light, and are available in just about every configuration a standard bulb is available in.  Since they are pricey'er than standard bulbs it is sometimes best to just replace the bulbs you use the most with the LED's and leave the others alone until they burn out..
Taking some time to properly prepare your RV for the upcoming camping season will ensure you are ready to travel this spring. Even though that polar vortex hasn't headed back north just yet, now is the time to gather everything you will need to prepare your RV once it’s taken out of winter storage. 

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