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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jensen MSX60RVR Coaxial Waterproof RV Speakers

Having background music when entertaining outdoors adds to the overall atmosphere of a get-together. This can become a hassle, however, if you are worrying about possible weather affecting your sound system. Likewise if you are going on an RV trip, you want to make sure the components of your sound system can stand up to the stresses of traveling. The Jensen MSX60RVR Coaxial Waterproof RV Speakers are made with these aspects in mind. They can be used not only in a motorhome or RV, but also work well in boating and marine applications.

These speakers feature several characteristics that help them withstand exposure to the elements. Besides being waterproof, they also have UV protection and resist corrosion from salt spray. These speakers can be used inside your RV when you wish to perfect your interior sound system. The Jensen coaxial waterproof speakers are subjected to a number of various tests to ensure their quality, and are designed to hold up against possible vibration as well as extremes in temperature. They have a large 6.5" diameter and have up to 75 watts of power.

The Jensen MSX60RVR Coaxial Waterproof RV Speakers are made to last and will allow you to add to the enjoyment of your sound system. Being coaxial speakers, they are also easy to mount and the sound coming from them is easier to manipulate. Coming in pairs, they can provide a stereo sound to your electronic devices.

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