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Friday, February 28, 2014

Keeping Your RV's Kitchen In Order Even On Those Rough Roads

rv rough roads
Photo by Gavin Seim
Trying to keep things in there place while traveling in an RV can be a challenge and that especially holds true for the kitchen area.  If your traveling with a trailer you probably cringe when you hit that big bump or that crazy entrance to a gas station.  And when your in a motorhome you get the unpleasant sounds to go with the calamity that is occurring in your draws, cupboards and on counters.  So we thought we would feature a few RV accessories that will help keep dishes, cups and silverware in there place. 
When it comes to keeping silverware in place, one item that our we find indispensable is the Camco Adjustable RV Cutlery Tray. Unlike other trays, this one is capable of being adjusted and locked into place. So even if the silverware drawer pops open on a wicked turn, the cutlery shouldn't go airborne. Each one can fit into drawers that are anywhere from 9 inches to 15 inches wide and 10 6/8 inches in length.
RV Knife Safe
Knife Safe
If you need a narrower model, you could go with the standard Cutlery Tray instead. It is 7 inches wide and 11 inches long but doesn't adjust or lock down. Therefore, to keep the tray from sliding about you may want to pair it with Rock-N-Roll Motion Proof Putty, Velcro Hold Down Tabs, RV Designer Drawer Locks or Industrial Strength, Sticky Back Tape.
Whether your traveling with little ones or just like to stay organized we’d also recommend the Knife Safe. It is designed to hold and separate the knives in a way that keeps them sharp and secure. Simply affix the safe to a wall or the inside of a cabinet. Then slide your knives into the designated holes and hit the road.
From large and small plate holders to refrigerator bars, we have all types of RV accessories to keep your kitchen from becoming a disaster area while traveling to your favorite campground.  Check out our RV kitchen accessory category for hundred's of items designed to keep you organized.

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