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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Discuss Possible Fixes to Common RV Slide-Out Problems

rv slide out
It seems like yesterday that I first remember seeing a power operated slide out in a motorhome.  I was definitely hesitant to purchase an RV with one, since every other comment on RV forums such as iRV2.com was not a good one.  Leaks were the most common problems, but mechanical issues weren't far behind.  Even though they have improved considerably over the years, they still have there issues. Many RV'ers that we know have a love-hate relationship with their slide-outs because of the extra room but hate dealing the break downs or leaks. The good news is you can typically find all of the items needed to fix common hydraulic and electric slide-out problems you may have in our slide out repair section.
Before filling your shopping cart full of parts you always want to rule out the obvious. For example, it is not uncommon for a blown fuse, damaged wiring, faulty circuit breakers or a weak battery to cause a motorhome’s slide-out to malfunction. Therefore, you may want to at least stock up on spare fuses and invest in a battery charger, maintainer or tester. That way, you can check those areas of your RV first and quickly resolve any problems on the spot.
Early on in slide out history it was pretty common to have hydraulic slide outs in a motorhome utilizing the same pump as the hydraulic leveling jacks.  In these systems the most common issues are corroded solenoids or battery connections and pump or cylinder failure.  So you may want to check those items first. Now that electrics have become more reliable and stronger, electric slide outs have become much more popular.  They feature a much more light weight design and generally easier to repair. On RV’s equipped with electric slide-outs, it could be that the shear pins or motor and gearbox are to blame. They aren’t the only potential, problematic areas either. Thus, other items that you may need to pick up to complete a slide-out repair are reversing solenoids, roller assemblies, sealant, switch and actuators.
lippert slide-out slicker
Lippert Slide-out Slicker
To avoid having to deal with slide-out problems in the first place, make sure that you utilize items like Lippert Slide-Out Slickers and Lippert Components Patented Triple Flex Guard Kits. Together, they’ll help protect your slide-outs during normal, everyday use. It’s also a great idea to routinely check the system’s fluids and seals as well as remove dirt from the slide-outs’ undersides. And last but not least, make sure that you don’t overburden your slide-outs at any time. Otherwise, you could end up having to manually retract an extended slide out just to get home.
To learn more about how we can assist you with keeping your motorhome’s slide-outs problem free, please contact us. Our RV part supplier experts are standing by to answer all of your slide-out related questions.

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  1. 95 Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser
    Hydraulic system
    We removed our slide out to get a new couch inside and now we have one arm fully retracted that won't extend and the other arm is fully extended and won't retract. The MH is level, fluids are adequate, batteries good. What are we missing