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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Camping Accessories: 2 Campfire Dishes to Make with a Rome Pie Iron

The Rome Pie Iron is one of the most well respected and durable pie irons available. It is actually the original pie iron, developed back in the early 60's. And over the years Rome has developed many different types of irons such as the popular old fashion waffle iron, the panini press iron and the double cast iron pie iron.  These large pie irons allow for unique campfire dishes that are sure to make anyones mouth water. Here’s a glimpse at a two meals that you may have never associated with this camping accessory:

Hash Brown Egg in the Nest
Hash browns are one tasty item and with the addition of some chopped onions and an egg can only be summed
old fashion waffle iron
up as heaven.  With the aid of the Rome Waffle Iron it can even make it look good. Mix shredded hash browns, onions and some butter.  Pre heat and oil up the waffle iron thoroughly otherwise you’ll have a hard time removing this delicious meal. Next, fill one side of the iron with the shredded hash brown mix and heat until slightly browned.  Be sure to turn often to cook evenly . Next open the iron and make room in the center for the egg. Scrambling the egg works much better in the waffle iron. Put back on the fire and slowly cook for another 5 minutes depending on fire temperature. Remove from the waffle iron include a side of bacon and toast for a great camping breakfast.

Campfire Empanadas
The Panini Press pie iron is the perfect cooker for some great tasting campfire empanadas. For the empanada’s
Panini Press pie iron
exterior, use refrigerated pie crust. The filling can be your choice of shredded or diced meats and cheeses. To speed up cooking time meats can be pre-cooked if desired  To assemble the campfire empanadas, preheat pie iron and apply a heavy of oil or cooking spray. Then cut the pie crust into strips. Place a tablespoon or two of meats and cheeses onto one section of the pie crust strip. Continue by wetting the edges of the strip with water and folding the strip over. Seal the campfire empanadas’ edges shut with a fork and place them into the pie iron. Close the panini press and place it over the campfire for approximately 20 minutes flipping and checking often to keep it from burning. At the end of the 30 minutes, the campfire empanadas should be ready to eat.

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