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Monday, December 2, 2013

RV Accessories: Awning Room Enclosures and Sun Blockers

Planning to take a trip in your RV? Certain RV accessories such as room enclosures and sun blockers for your awning can make your trip more comfortable by adding both space and shade.
If your trip includes extra passengers, an additional room can make all the difference. A screened-in room enclosure is like having a mobile patio and is great for socializing outdoors while keeping unwanted pests (bugs, insects, animals, nosy neighbors) out. Some models include sewn-in privacy panels that fasten with Velcro for more protection when the weather gets windy or rainy.

Sitting in a RV room enclosure or under an awning with a Sunblocker provides a shaded view of your surroundings while preventing too much sun exposure. You can still see the sights on your trip and stay cool without being stuck inside. Enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in the shade! If you bring any pets with you, an awning provides a nice, cool spot for them to lie on a hot day. Whether you are taking a socializing vacation or a calm, relaxing outing, room enclosures, awnings and screens can introduce additional shaded space to your RV and protect you from weather, insects, and other elements.
These accessories are simple to set up and very few tools are necessary. Many include a storage bag to keep parts from getting lost. Setting up at multiple destinations is not a problem because assembly is quick and easy.

Sunblockers and Room Enclosures are available in various sizes and colors to complement different RVs.
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