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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Off Season Can Be A Great Time To Stock Up On Necessary Camper Parts and Supplies

Camping in an RV is a great way to relax and break up that day to day grind we sometimes find ourselves in. However, as you may already know, owning an RV requires a number of parts and supplies to keep things working properly. Putting together a check list and even purchasing these products in the off season can not only have you ready for the first outing in spring but can also save you money.
RV Toilet PaperSome of the camper supplies are consumable and will need to be replaced as they are used. This means you need to determine how much of an inventory you will want to keep on hand.  Since weight means money (in terms of gas/fuel used) carrying a seasons supply of say toilet chemical is not always a wise decision.  In many cases, this may involve some trial and error to pack just the right amount of each item. As long as you camp near a city with a store, you should be able to restock if you do run short. Some of these consumables include:

Replacement Parts
Some camper parts and supplies you may need include replacement parts for your RV that many times break or wear out when you need them the most. Sewer hoses, for example, have a tendency to spring a leak at the most inopportune times.  Also light bulbs inside and outside of your trailer or motorhome, door hardware, latches can require replacement, as do trailer brakes and emergency detectors. Some of these items you may want to carry spares for on longer trips.
Major Replacements
Whether you have an aging camper or just well used, there are more major items that may need to be
Advent Air Air Conditioner
replaced. These are all RV parts you typically would not have with you, but when they stop working or break can cause a major inconvenience. These include such items as air conditioners, trailer hitch accessories, shower heads, jacks, vents and even water heaters. 
If you are an avid camper and have an RV that you love to travel in, you will need to know where to get the right camper parts and supplies. Some of these supplies will be needed before every trip, while others will serve as a back-up as they wear out and break. Understanding the various parts and supplies you may need can help you more effectively budget for your trips and ensure you have what you need while you are on vacation to reduce your stress.

For those general items you need to remember for every trip check out this great resource that the RV Goddess put together.

RV Kitchen Checklist - Detailed list for packing your RV kitchen. Don't end up in the middle of nowhere with a can of chili and no can opener!

RV Supply Checklist - Check-off list for your camping gear.

Departure Checklist - Everything you need to remember - on one little sheet of paper - before hitting the road. (Also available as a Word File.)

Meal Plan & Grocery Shopping Organizer for a Camping Trip - Going away for a weekend or a week? This handy organizer will make meal planning and grocery shopping easy.

Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List - Try our easy-to-use worksheet to plan menus and shopping for a week - home or away.
If you need help choosing the right parts and supplies for your camper, contact us (866-332-7881) for assistance.

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