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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stromberg Carlson EZ Open RV Door Handle

With the EZ Open Handle you no longer have to back down the stairs to open your RV door safely from your entry steps.  How many times has your out of level campsite had your entry steps raised up so high that you had to add a step stool?  Add to that 3 to 4 steps just to get in the door and falling from that height becomes a pretty scary proposition.   Well, Stromberg Carlson came up with a genius solution that allows you to stand firmly on the ground while opening your RV’s entry door.

The 32″ tall EZ Open handle mounts permanently to your door and features corrosion resistant components so it stays looking as good as the rest of the RV does.   This universal handle works with all paddle style door latches which are found on pretty much every travel trailer, 5th Wheel, motorhome and truck camper which would require this the most.

This door handle is will make it so much safer for elderly travelers who have lost some mobility to those young adventurers who are still vertically challenged.  Just think how much easier it will be to open your RV’s door with a hand full of groceries or the left overs from a big cookout standing on firm ground and not teetering on the stairs.

The EZ Open Handle is available with a white handle or black and the best part of all, it’s made right here in the good ole USA.  For more information on this great safety device for your RV, click here.

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