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Thursday, December 19, 2013

RV Accessories Spotlight: Blue Streak Chemical Metering System

The Blue Streak Toilet Chemical System has to be one of my favorite RV accessories and the first thing I add to any new RV we purchase along with the Dirt Devil CV1500 RV Central Vacuum . This was actually one of the first products we tested and the first product added to RVupgrades.com back in 2002.  The system automatically adds the correct amount of toilet chemical each time you flush the toilet.

The first question people ask is "why would you want to complicate such an easy task as dumping toilet
Blue Streak RV Toilet Chemical Metering System
Blue Streak Chemical Metering System
chemical into your RV's toilet with some sort of device?"  And I will admit this product is not for every RV'er.  But if you feel you are wasting toilet chemical on short camping weekends or just don't want to worry about adding chemical you are going to love this product.  Whether you have a low water usage marine toilet, or are unclear as to the correct ratio of chemical to waste tank size, the Blue Streak system will take all of the guess work out of adding chemical to your RV or marine black tank. In fact, many people overuse chemicals; even knowing the correct ratios it can be difficult to try and judge the appropriate amount of holding tank chemical with the length of stay along with toilet usage. Take all of that uncertainty out of the equation and let the Chemical Metering System do all of the work for you.

The system is non electric, so no worries about running wiring, it works by creating a vacuum to draw the correct amount of toilet chemical from the reservoir during each flush of the toilet. And the Blue Streak chemical itself has the added benefits of a clean fresh scent, detergent to help keep the toilet bowl clean and a lubricant to keep waste valves and seals working properly.  An added bonus of having the chemical added as you flush is that a small amount remains in the bowl delivering a fresh clean scent when ever anyone enters the bathroom.

In most cases you will not need to remove your toilet to install the system, only in cases where the toilet is right up against the back wall.  If you do have to remove your RV toilet you do not have to worry about replacing the rubber seal  (rv toilets do not use a wax ring like residential toilets) unless you have an older RV in which case the seal maybe do for replacement.

For more information on the Blue Streak Chemical Metering System and Blue Streak RV Toilet Chemical you can click the link below or contact us or by phone at 866-332-7881.

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