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Friday, December 6, 2013

Using EternaBond for RV Leak Repair

At some point if you own an RV long enough your going to have to deal with a water leak. It could be from the roof, from a pipe or even the flooring. When this happens, one of the quickest and easiest repair products to use for many types of leaks is EternaBond leak repair tape.

Although a few years old, this is a great article in the Ms Tioga RV Magazine;

For most roof repairs, the 4" x 50 foot roll is the size to buy. When you are buying from an Eternabond dealer [recommended], you may have to read thru all of the various Eternabond products, in order to find "One Step Miracle RV Roof Tape". Take the time to find the right tape.
Eternabond RV Roof repair
White Eternabond used on RV roof
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Eternabond has for the most part dropped the "One Step Miracle RV Roof Tape" moniker since all of their products are a miracle.  And they really are, once a repair is made you have a permanent solution to a problem that if not repaired properly can destroy an RV.  Any of the Roofseal products are perfect for an RV roof leak repair or to seal a seam, vent or sky light.  

Works Instantly
The moment you apply EternaBond and activate the microsealant with a roller or by hand your leak is repaired.  It can stop an RV leak instantly since it is able to work on a variety of surfaces such as aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, EPDM, steel and more. It does not work on silicone and the surface should be free of this material before applying the tape.

Long Lasting
Once EternaBond has been used for any repair on an RV, that repair is for the most part permanent. If used on a part of the RV that is exposed to the weather, it can last over 34 years. And the product also has a long shelf life of approximately 5 years. So having a roll in your RV supplies is a definite benefit.

Easy to Use
EternaBond does not need any mixing or caulking. It’s almost as simple to use as applying a piece of tape. Unlike tape though, there is a microsealant that is activated by using pressure. A hand held steel roller is ideal for larger projects or for small areas you can simply use the side of your had to rub it in. In many situations people are even able to successfully use EternaBond to fix things underwater.

Micro Sealant
EternaBond is able to work so well because it comes from a family of synthetic polymers known as a microsealants. It is designed to work with only one bond between carbon atoms. This creates a superior molecular structure that is not affected by heat, oxygen or ozone.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of EternaBond for RV leak repair we can help. Contact us today and learn more.

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