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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

RV Accessory Review: Star Lights Revolution LED Light Bulbs

The Star Lights Revolution Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs boast that they will last 125 times longer than a standard 1141/1156 light bulb.  That is a 60,000 hour life expectancy!  Seems like a bit of overkill for most RV'ers who may only keep their RV for a few years before trading up or down.  But the Revolution LED's have more benefits that just how long they last, they also use less power, are significantly brighter and run much cooler.   Most people look at the power savings of LED's over regular bulbs and it can be significant, but how significant might you ask?  Well if we compare the Revolution 150 to a standard bulb (the closet match in terms of light output), you could run 10 Revolution Bulbs for every 1 standard bulb. For an RV running off battery power while boon-docking that is substantial.
Star Lights Revolution LED Light Bulb
Revolution LED Light Bulb

But that wasn't the reason I looked at this bulb for my RV.  I have had an issue with the lens on my patio light discoloring due to the extreme heat that the incandescent bulb puts out.  I happened to see a post on www.irv2.com from a member who had made the switch to the Star Lights LED bulb and was very happy with the results.  At the time the Revolution 200 was the brightest bulb available and was the one I went with for my patio.  What I really like about this bulb is that the head swivels so you can direct the light up, out or down depending on your setup.  These bulbs are super easy to change out.  Just squeeze the lens to remove it (as easy as it was to pop off I am surprised it hadn't flown off while traveling) and replace with LED bulb.  In most cases no tools are required.  I found the light output to be a little brighter and much whiter than the standard bulb which is great for seeing whats going on outside your door or just lighting up the way.  Friends of ours upgraded to the Revolution 300 bulb when it came out, and we found it to be quit a bit brighter than the 200.  It definitely lights up the porch area and then some.

These bulbs replace 1003, 1073, 1141, 1156, 3497, 5007, 5008, 7506, 1093, 1129, 1159,1295, 1459, 1619, 1651, 1680 & 7527 style bulbs.  And they are not just for your porch, they can be used for interior lighting as well.  I have had the bulb in place for 2 years now and although I don't think I will every be able to test that 60,000 hour life span, so far the lens is still like new.  Now I don't worry when the porch light is left on all night.


  1. I ordered about $200 worth of Star Lights LED bulbs that I thought would last me quite a few years. All of them either partially burnt out or completely burnt out. I sent some of them back to the company for a refund/replacement and they said they never got the return package even though my USPS delivery confirmation said they did. After many phone calls they finally sent me the replacement bulbs and they also burnt out within a short time. Star Lights was trying to tell me that it was my 12 volt electrical system and not their product. Yeah right! I won't buy anything from them again!

    1. I guess we should scratch Star Lights off the list of reputable vendors...